How It Works

Our pricing

  • Our initial review of your bill is free. If we determine that there may be over billing or padding, we let you know what we found.
  • If we believe from our initial free cursory look at your bill that your attorney may have overcharged you, we charge $195 for any bill review OR 2.9% of the bill amount up to $100,000, plus 25% of what we save you. For bills that we review over $100,000, we charge 1.9% of the bill plus 20% of what we save you.

How it works

  1. Call 1-800-327-7821 or “Submit Your Bill” for a free consultation.
  2. A representative will contact you to discuss your concerns with your legal bills. We will need a copy of the retainer agreement you signed with your attorney and all invoices. One of our experienced attorneys will do a brief analysis, to determine if we should proceed to the next step in our process.
  3. A complete file report will include a line by line spreadsheet on the charges, full report on our findings and our recommendations.
  4. If it’s determined that overcharging has occurred, we will negotiate directly with your lawyer for a refund of money or a discount on any balance due!

What we look for

  • Excess time billed for actual work performed
  • Duplicate charges for same task
  • Use of block billing
  • Billable hour hoarding (e.g. hoarding occurs when senior attorneys bill for work that could have been adequately performed by associates, paralegals, or even clerical staff)
  • Excessive generic time entries (e.g. these items do not provide any kind of description as to what tasks were performed, but continually billed)
  • Excessive time billed for hearings
  • Billed for travel time
  • Rounding up of time charges
  • General overhead charges (e.g. office supplies, heat, air, postage, food, etc.)
  • Shared billing charges ( e.g. this occurs when billing of more than one client or case for same hours spent)
  • Over representation of staff ( e.g. one or more associates performing the same task)